What is the principle of 4d hifu machine and what are the beauty advantages?

After the age of 25, women experience various skin problems. With the passage of time, the influence of the environment, work, living habits, and lack of awareness of skin maintenance for a long time have caused many women’s skin to be often dehydrated. At the same time, after the age of 35, women’s faces have changed significantly ditch, nasal congestion. 38 lines on the mouth groove and face with angles such as labial folds and nasolabial folds gradually appear, and then the cheeks are slack, the cheeks sag, and the face looks like a long time.

The hifu facial machine treatment is simple and convenient, it only takes about 40 minutes, its unique multi-point digital staggered lifting method, the ultrasonic energy can be omnidirectional, and the multi-point effect can significantly improve the SMAS layer, fascia, and skin, and gradually improve within one month after treatment. AP. Pear, true and natural, restores the skin to a firm, youthful and other age from the inside out. The best state is white, plump and smooth.

Moisturizing and moisturizing: 1 gram of hyaluronic acid is equivalent to 1 liter of water, the water gun is to replenish hyaluronic acid to the deep layer of the skin, so the effect of water is very good, and the moisturizing effect is long-lasting, making the skin lasting moisturizing and luster.

Improve skin tone: The water light gun can stimulate the skin’s metabolism to speed up, quickly expel melanin from the body, improve dull yellow dry skin, brighten the skin tone, and brighten the skin.

Shrink pores: Water can stimulate the skin to accelerate metabolism, shrink the pores of cells, and make the skin firmer and smoother.

Eliminate wrinkles: Water light acupuncture is non-invasive and painless to improve wrinkles, 1 gram of hyaluronic acid is equivalent to 16 times that of collagen, which can fill sagging skin, stretch facial fine lines and crow’s tail lines, Sichuan lines, etc., and tighten the skin.

Doing moisturizing cream = 1000 mask treatments: After treatment, it can make the skin plump and tight, continuously release moisturizing factor 1 from the bottom of the skin, replenish moisture to the skin, always keep the skin bright and radiant, and repair the youthful state of the skin. After the treatment, let you have A baby like SMOO. Thorium porcelain muscle.

For the skin, the main anti-aging effect of the ultrasonic scalpel is to stimulate the SMAS layer (fascia layer) to generate tight tension, so that the loose skin and contour become younger, and at the same time stimulate a large amount of collagen hyperplasia to truly achieve inner-to-outer beauty. Young skin. state, which currently no instrument can do. Hyaluronic acid and other nutrients are directly added to the epidermis and dermis (up to 1.8mm) to improve skin condition and achieve cosmetic results that ordinary beauty cannot achieve.

What is the role of ultrasonic knife and hifu treatment machine?

With the increasing acceptance of the ultra-surgical knife project, the beauty instrument is called anti-aging artifact, which has a significant impact on wrinkles, sagging, and relaxation. The ultrasonic knife is not a kind of knife, but the beauty of the ultrasonic knife is not as good as the legend, and it is not well done. There will be serious side effects. Because high temperature will destroy the stratum corneum and moisturizing layer in the process of hand bundling, resulting in poor water-locking ability of the skin, and high temperature will make water volatilize, resulting in dry, dark yellow, spots and other PHONs. There is also a choice of formal operating mechanisms and professional doctors. The experience and skills of doctors are very important. If the technology is not enough to damage and prolong menstruation, it may lead to facial paralysis or even blindness. Due to insufficient service life of nutrients, new pan-cellular tissues will not be able to be renewed, resulting in the skin being unable to withstand the action of the high-temperature ultrasonic scalpel, resulting in collapsed, uneven, and severe cortical necrosis. Meidun) had vegetative cells two to three weeks before surgery. Scientists have shown that the body divides by continuously monitoring damaged cells. The nutrients produced continued to be repaired, with no apparent downward trend in the repair process. The body stores and repairs nutrients for new cell growth and stimulates the subcutaneous cortical tissue. By stabbing different depths with the ultrasonic knife, the purpose of remodeling the new transverse elastic fibers and longitudinal collagen fibers under the skin can be achieved, and side effects can be prevented. Also do not eat collagen, because the ultrasonic knife itself will form AB at the bottom of the skin. 10000 collagen freezing point, at this time, if collagen is ingested outside, abnormal accumulation of collagen will occur, resulting in a nightmare of collagen, and the accumulated baby will feel facial variation, unevenness, acne, blisters, uncoordinated, unnatural expression and other sequelae.

Hifu 3d machine originated in Europe and America. It is a cosmetic surgery for internal and external repair, and a lot of experiments have been carried out. Ultrasound is defined as the ability to activate human regenerative cells by oral administration of AcMEEA, a special cell-derived nutrient of Ultrasound that enhances nutrients during body repair, and then utilizes UTE to stimulate cell growth. scalpel

In Europe and the United States, there is a one-month nutritional reserve period before ultrasonic scalpel surgery. In the early stage, a large amount of human cytotrophic peptides are orally administered, so that the cytonutrients can reach the subcutaneous cells through the blood, and then be stimulated. In vitro radiofrequency electrical stimulation of the ultrasonic scalpel device initiates the self-healing and repair process of cosmetic and anti-aging cells. Many repair factors, such as elastin, hyaluronic acid moisturizing layer activator and collagen tripeptide, complement. Collagen produces longitudinal collagen fibers in collagen fibers, which play a role in improving skin sagging. Hyaluronic acid is a cell membrane, and in the gap between collagen fibers, it helps to increase the number of angiogenesis of collagen fibers, and elastin produces transverse E. Fragmented fibers, which are skin elastic and firm, provide necessary nutrients for the regeneration of new skin cells, while awakening the body’s repair function, surgery, nutrition and internal and external integration, interaction, doubling and prolonging the aesthetic effect of ultrasonic scalpel. The side effects of ultrasonic knife, through oral human peptide (super knife holder) for nutritional supplement in vivo, provide necessary nutrition for new skin, and intelligently repair and prevent abnormal tissue formation.

The beauty ultrasonic knife is a kind of matrix molecular energy wave heat bunching heat transfer mode, and its vibration frequency is as high as 600,000-120,000 times per second. It acts subcutaneously to a depth of 1.5. – 4.5mm. The RF electric field forms a focal plane in the fascia layer. The strong shock leads to a thermal energy effect of 60-75°C, causing the electric field to build up in the fascia layer. The surface area has a strong impact on the skin tissue, fascia layer and target area, resulting in the accumulation of electric fields, and the area is larger through high temperature burns. For subcutaneous thermal damage, as well as a large number of oral ultrasonic scalpel-specific cytotrophic peptides (super knife shield), activate human regenerative cells, triggering the body to initiate the production of new longitudinal collagen fibers, transverse elastic fibers and living moisturizing layers. ER is used to achieve the purpose of tightening and tightening the face.

An early discovery by the American company was that by controlling the length of the spine, the spine stimulates the cells of the fascia, dermis and superficial layer under the skin, thereby awakening somatic cell regeneration, and was divided into four groups, 25-55 years old. The results showed that the older the age, the less the skin regeneration function and nutrition, and the patients over 30 years old experienced sebum atrophy, increased relaxation, local depression, superficial skin symptoms changed to dryness, allergies, disorders and other symptoms. After a number of clinical trials, the research team found that AcMETEA Super Scalpel Meton Body Nutrition not only contains elastin, an important nutrient for laterally dense and repairing elastic fibers, but also a collagen tripeptide chain, which is the longitudinal component of collagen FI. Important element of repair. BER. It also contains a double repair moisturizing layer and natural water molecules in the subcutaneous skin that are destroyed during hyperthermic surgery.

Japanese scientists have done microscopic examination of the wound. When the brain is damaged and threatened by cells, the younger brother will automatically and specifically repair around the wound within a day. The next day, the amount of repair secretion gradually decreases. On the third day, it slowly and significantly reduced to the second day. 1 day / 10 days is getting slower and slower. As they age, after the age of 30, their nutrition is very frequent. This test also confirms why the older you get, the harder it is to recover from S. Experiments have shown that by supplying human peptide (HSP-like) cellular nutrients to the body 2 to 3 weeks before surgery, scientists have demonstrated that when CO continues to maintain HSP-like nutrients, the body splits nutrients. Continuous attention and detection of damaged cells, the quality is constantly repaired, and there is no obvious downward trend in the repair process. The body grows new cells and repairs nutrients, and stimulates subcutaneous cortical tissue at different depths through ultrasonic stabbing. Reconstruction of new subcutaneous transverse elastic fibers and longitudinal collagen fibers to target.

  1. At present, there are many brands of ultrasonic equipment, and many ultrasonic knives do not have ultrasonic technology, but the transformation of optoelectronic equipment or the transformation of laser equipment can also stimulate the regeneration of new cells by subcutaneous cells, but the damage process of skin cells is greater. Cell nutrition peptides still need to be supplemented to protect skin texture, quickly repair damaged moisturizing layer and subcutaneous water molecules during high temperature surgery, and retain new cell growth nutrients. Restorative nutrients for the body.
  2. Ultrasound operation is very demanding. The ultrasonic scalpel mainly acts on the subdermal fascia layer and the fat muscle layer. Focusing at a high temperature of 65-75 degrees burns the fascia layer evenly. Too deep will damage the muscle and fat layer, and the face will atrophy and collapse more, causing damage to the fat and muscle layer. The operation of the superficial ultrasonic scalpel will directly damage the dermis and T. He was serious. The most common postoperative manifestations are dry skin, skin peeling, origin, scarring, and can also induce long-term allergic dermatitis.

Many surgeons question whether Ultrasurgery activates the body’s own synthesis of new cells and collagen fibers by stimulating and destroying subcutaneous cells, so why are many doctors opposed to collagen supplements after surgery?

  1. It should be clear that collagen supplementation only after ultrasonic scalpel surgery is not sufficient for complete cell-derived generation. The complete generation of a healthy, elastic and dense new cell requires a variety of nutrients, including skin elastic fiber nutrition, skin moisturizing layer repair factor and collagen fiber production nutrition and other cells.
  2. These cell-derived nutrients are plentiful at a young age, and they show elastic, tight, and moist skin from my body. If these cell-derived growth factors are in the human body, is it not completely unsupplemented? Is it a contradiction? As we age, the nutritional nutrition of cells begins to decline vertically, and the skin begins to sag, sag, and rough. At this time, the body is obviously deficient. The human peptide of cell nutrition (super knife shield), after 30 years of age, refuses to supplement the nutrition of cell nutrition, and only synthesizes nutrition by itself, obviously it is not difficult to achieve the expected effect.

The final conclusion is that after the ultrasonic scalpel operation, we need to supplement the human peptide of cell nutrition according to the age, but it is definitely not a single component such as collagen.

Effect 1: Spots, because once the skin’s nutrient source is cut off and the skin’s nutrient delivery is unbalanced, the longitudinal direction is cut off, and the horizontal direction still cannot provide the situation, the skin color will definitely be darker, the whole blood circulation will be lost, and the skin will be necrotic, it will shush. The W is deep, so the occurrence of spots is very normal. If there is a burn, there will also be spots, because the improper operation of the ultrasonic knife will cause the skin surface to be burnt.

2: Nerve damage in local tissue or cell damage in local tissue also comes from the process of electroshock, and the depth of its energy, including the skin itself, is directly related.

3:When the nerve is stimulated by high temperature for many times, the nerve will be directly burned. Nerves can cause facial paralysis and nerve necrosis, which will definitely lead to facial paralysis.

4: Paralysis, that is to say, many tiny sperms under the skin are burned, so there will be no feeling of paralysis. These are some problems during the operation, not entirely the problem of the operation, and the paralysis is not the problem of the operation.

5: Inflammation must go from the epidermis to the subcutaneous. If the epidermis is damaged, its inflammation will directly enter the subcutaneous inflammation from the skin surface.

6: Skin depression and necrosis refers to the chronic necrosis of new cells in skin necrosis, which refers to the collapse of the face, the power of the ultrasonic scalpel is too high, the sebum of the client’s skin has been burned, the sebum cannot be repaired, all atrophy, completely collapsed, and the damage is very large .

It is suggested that AcMEEA should be taken before and after surgery to promote the growth, prevention and effect of new cells.

Hifu professional machine can quickly help you solve facial problems, which is why so many people like to use ultrasonic scalpel for beauty. If your beauty salon needs such an ultrasound hifu beauty machine with fast beauty effect, don’t forget to pay attention to us!

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