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What are the suitable groups for microneedle treatment of acne pits

Nowadays, there are many ways to eliminate acne and India in China. However, if the selected method is improper, the acne scar can not be erased. We must know the corresponding application of the method. Therefore, what are the suitable groups for microneedle treatment of acne pit?

1、 How to eliminate acne marks?

I think it is all OPT laser acne scars and Adapalene Gel to remove pock. These two kinds of means are actually very effective in comparison with different stages of pock scars. The initial pock marks are effective, while for severe spots, OPT laser acne scars cosmetic surgery is recommended. For a long time, opt laser acne scar removal can not only enhance the effect, but also ensure and ensure the safety of facial skin.

  1. What are the suitable groups for micro acupuncture treatment of acne pits?

Acne scar is mainly the pigment deposition after acne inflammation, but the shape of acne scar is different at each time. Therefore, people who love beauty will introduce the doubt of “what are the people suitable for micro needle treatment of acne pit” by classification.

(1) Form:

Acne scars can be divided into macular scars (no uplift or depression), concave acne scars and uplift acne scars.

For example, rolling like scar, small area atrophic scar (1mm up and down), punctate concave acne mark (acne pit, acne mark, drug corrosion left pit, etc.), small area concave scar (> 4mm up and down), webbed scar, etc. The concave acne scar inside is a common acne scar after acne self-healing.

(2) By color:

Acne scars are dark red (generally during the activity period of acne scars), dark brown, brown and other acne scars. Generally speaking, dark red acne scars use laser, photon rejuvenation, RF and other surgery, which can improve the facial blood vessels that bring dark red acne scars and effectively become invisible pigmentation.

Dark brown acne scars need to be changed with fruit acid first, and then corrected with laser, photon rejuvenation and RF.

Therefore, which kind of people should not do acne scars?

Pregnant women; Photosensitive friend, used light___ Friends of drugs (retinoic acid, tetracycline, etc.); Friends of hypertension and diabetes; There is inflammation on the face, but there is no good friend; If you think too much about the effect and can’t insist on restoration and maintenance after completion, you should not implement micro acupuncture to treat acne pits.

3、 Micro needle therapy pox pit surgery cost-effective?

The price of microneedle treatment for acne pits ranges from 651 to 8180 yuan. It still depends on the plastic and cosmetic projects you use and the situation of acne scars, such as how long the acne scars were produced / what methods were used to correct them before / whether you used stimulating skin care products, etc.

In contrast, one-time acid (694-848 yuan) is cheaper than laser (1549-3084 pieces), but micro needle treatment of acne pits needs to be treated in different courses, so the price of this attitude is calculated by the number of lasers.

That’s enough. However, many beauty lovers are actually asking “when can we do the skin grinding and acne removal pit”. In fact, most of the skin grinding and acne removal pits have no age restrictions. The impact of the skin grinding and acne removal pit on the facial skin is very low. Generally, it can be implemented at the age of 20.

The beauty seekers should not forget to pay attention to the sun resistance during the treatment of skin grinding and acne removing pits. They should always wear masks and a layer of sunscreen when driving to prevent pigmentation.