What are the effects of micro needle plastic?

  1. Wrinkle removing and skin beautifying

Promote collagen synthesis, regenerate fibrous tissue, stretch dry lines and wrinkles, reverse aging, and reproduce full and compact skin.

  1. Whitening and freckle removing

Inhibit melanin production, fade spots, speed up the transport of metabolites, so as to delay skin aging and make skin white, smooth and delicate as silk.

  1. Acne removing cavity

Promote collagen synthesis and regenerate fiber tissue, so as to achieve the reconstruction of deep reticular fiber structure, smooth acne pits and reproduce smooth and delicate skin.

Applicable population of microneedle plastic:

  1. White collar workers with dull, pale, tired and even edematous skin.
  2. Mature women aged 30-55 with loose, sagging, aging and decreased skin elasticity.
  3. 18-35 year olds and teenagers with acne scars and marks on their faces.
  4. Women with pregnancy marks after delivery.

Of course, no matter how beautiful and good plastic surgery is, it can only be done by yourself. You can’t go with the flow, so as to avoid accidents beyond your control.

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