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What are the effects and suitable groups of microneedle plastic?

As a means of daily skin management, microneedle plastic is very popular with beauties. Microneedle plastic is to use microneedle roller to open the micro channel of the skin basal layer and directly deliver nutrients to the bottom layer of the skin, so as to achieve the effect of deep skin beautification. So is it suitable for everyone to use microneedles for skin management? Can it shrink pores and remove dark circles under the eyes? Let’s have a look.

What are the effects and suitable groups of microneedle plastic?

1、 Microneedle can help you get these:

  1. Improve the blood circulation of dermal tissue, promote the nutrition supply and metabolism of skin tissue, and let the excess garbage and water on our face be metabolized. Let us look clean and ruddy.
  2. Improve nerve function, repair the degeneration of nerve endings, and let a more “smart brain” command the play of various physiological functions of skin tissue.
  3. Improve the fiber synthesis function of skin tissue, make the dermal connective tissue compact again, and make a “compact and round face”.
  4. Accelerate the renewal and metabolism of the epidermis and restore the moisture, uniformity and delicacy of the epidermis.

2、 Microneedle plastic is suitable for the following groups:

  1. It is suitable for the rapid repair of fresh wounds such as burns, scalds and falls.
  2. People who need skin repair after skin injury.
  3. Non congenital and non pathological skin___ Repair of.
  4. People with loose skin and wrinkles.
  5. Rapid repair of rough skin and large pores.
  6. Rapid repair of acne, acne, blackhead, red blood and rosacea.
  7. Repair of stretch marks.

Many beauties regard micro needle plastic as one of the methods of daily skin management. This method can effectively prevent and remove the generation of spots on the face and solve common skin problems. Micro needle plastic can remove slight wrinkles, but there is no way to remove deep wrinkles such as tear grooves, legal lines and neck lines.

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