What are the benefits of the 7D H IFU hair straightener?

  The 7D H IFU hair iron is an amazing breakthrough in hair smoothing technology. It combines the best features of a traditional iris device with the ultra-high frequency sound of a ceramic plate in a modern flat iron. When used properly, this iron can provide extremely high-quality results from every possible angle. Compared with ordinary iron, its main advantages are as follows:

  Faster Straightening – It uses a different focal length so it reaches the hair follicles with a lower heat output than regular irons. This allows hair follicles to recover faster after each use and increases hair density. When used properly, a 7-day lifespan can reach hair follicles as long as 4mm in the skin, far exceeding the limits of traditional iron.

  Minimal damage to the skin – Unlike ordinary electric irons, 7d H IFU uses high-energy focused ultrasound for the heating process. The heat produced is only a fraction of the heat produced by other ceramic products, protecting skin tissue from direct damage. When used in conjunction with a microcavity heater, the heating cycle stimulates collagen production in skin tissue, thereby increasing the strength of collagen fibers. Together with the microchamber heater, this allows the 7d he to soften and seal the hair cuticle and improve curl hold, shine and volume.

  Reduced stress on hair – Another advantage of the 7d HIFU flat iron is that it puts less stress on the hair follicles. This is because the increased collagen flow reduces the amount of friction that iron particles have to travel through the skin. As a result, hair follicles are less prone to damage during heating cycles, resulting in less damaged and damaged hair. The increased collagen also increases the number of fluid-filled blood vessels in the scalp, which provides additional moisture to the hair, improving tone and overall health.

  Reduced Sagging – In addition to reducing stress and sun damage, another advantage of the 7D IFU Flat Iron is that it helps reverse some of the signs of aging. High-intensity focused ultrasound therapy designed to help reverse wrinkles, lines, and sagging will also provide a less stressful appearance. Wrinkles and lines become more prominent with age, so I was happy to know that the innovative heating technology of the 7D H IFU flat iron minimizes these signs of aging.

  Redness and Roughness – Smooth skin is just one of the ways the 7D H IFU machine reduces wrinkles. The high-intensity focused ultrasound energy used to treat the hair and skin promotes circulation in these areas. This increased blood flow provides nutrients to the skin, thereby reducing wrinkles and fine lines. While using a flat iron can minimize the appearance of facial wrinkles, the most common signs of aging begin to appear on the neck and face. The 7-day treatment plan designed to reduce neck and facial wrinkles is effective, painless, and results in a younger and healthier complexion.

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