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Redness after laser freckle removal and scab removal?

Laser speckle removal is a common method of speckle removal, and it is also a common method of speckle removal in beauty and skin care medicine at this stage. After laser speckle removal, people’s skin will change to a certain extent. In some cases, people will continue to have the problem of redness after scab removal. It is relatively normal. Those who seek beauty can do a good job in medical work. Next, let’s introduce the medical treatment methods after laser freckle removal.

1、 Prevent infection caused by touching water

After the beauty seeker has done laser beauty treatment, the treatment position can not be contaminated with water within a week, mainly to prevent infection. Two days after laser dot matrix surgery, you can wipe your eyes with a sterile cotton swab to clean up the stains, but you can’t touch the treated area, let alone glue water to the treated area.

2、 Skin care prevent the use of irritating products

After laser dot matrix beauty and skin care, beauty seekers need to carefully use skin care products to prevent the application of whitening and. For products with oil removal and facial exfoliation, the treatment area can’t touch water under general cleaning conditions. It’s OK to clean the orbit and other positions with a cleaning cotton swab. In addition, some irritating ingredients may cause skin allergy, redness and even inflammation. They may also cause pigmentation, redness or color spots again.

3、 Improve sunscreen isolation after operation

The most important medical care after laser dot matrix beauty and skin care is to add sunscreen isolation. After a week of laser dot matrix treatment, we all need to minimize our exposure to ultraviolet light. When you need to go out, you must cover your skin. Wearing a sun umbrella and a hat is a very good choice. Three days after the laser dot matrix, some natural sunscreen products with ingredients can be applied. Generally, the ultraviolet index is above SPF25. It is suggested that beauty seekers apply sunscreen and isolation skin care products of medical equipment under the specific guidance of doctors.

The above is a detailed introduction to the medical methods of laser speckle removal. In fact, compared with the whole process of laser speckle removal, the necessity of doing a good job in this kind of medical work is the same. No matter how good the treatment is, it can not achieve a good acne removal effect!