Preparation Process Before Laser Lipolysis And Slimming

What are the preparation procedures before fat dissolving and slimming surgery? Weight loss is what every woman cares about, but what if the effect of daily weight loss methods is not obvious and rebound constantly? Laser fat dissolving is a good way to lose weight. So what are the preparation processes before laser lipolysis and slimming?

Preparation process before laser lipolysis and slimming

① Physical examination – before accepting laser lipolysis, routine physical examinations such as B-ultrasound and ECG should be carried out. Patients with hypertension, diabetes and heart disease should stay away from laser lipolysis; Secondly, you should test your fat thickness. People with subcutaneous fat thickness of more than 1cm are suitable for laser fat dissolution. Otherwise, you’d better rely on the conventional way of diet + exercise to lose weight.

② Slimming modeling lineation – the doctor will shape you according to the human body structure and proportion, and first draw the position where you need to lose fat, so as to ensure that you can become the focus of attention after fat melting.

③ Fat melting process – about 15 minutes of cold laser irradiation is concentrated in the previously drawn fat reduction circle. Don’t worry about the painful feeling of liposuction. At this time, you might as well close your eyes and take a nap.

③ After irradiation, negative pressure drainage – after laser irradiation, the solid fat in the corresponding parts of the body is dissolved. The body can absorb the oil below 200ml, and the oil greater than this amount can be discharged by negative pressure drainage. There’s no need to worry about this. Just suck out the grease with a needle with a diameter of 0.3cm in the secret position around the part that needs fat reduction, which will never damage the image.

The above is about the relevant introduction of “preparation process before laser fat dissolving and slimming surgery”, hoping to help you understand this knowledge.

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