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Precautions after laser hair removal?

No matter when, women are very concerned about their own image and appearance, especially the meticulous maintenance and medical care of the face; Everyone’s physical quality is different. Some people are born with heavy hair, especially some women’s lip hair will be very significant, which is a confusing problem. Laser lip hair removal is a way with high safety factor, and patients don’t feel pain in actual operation.

Common problems of laser removing lip hair

  1. Try to avoid movement after operation and avoid touching the surgical treatment position.
  2. Do not touch the wound with force within seven days after the operation. And prevent the surgical wound from touching water.
  3. Ensure that the surgical treatment position is cleaned to avoid infection.
  4. Use antibiotics for 3-5 days to prevent infection.
  5. Avoid spicy food and stimulating food.

Common problems before laser hair removal

Improve sunscreen isolation

Prevent exposure to the sun half a month before the operation, otherwise it is very easy to have laser depigmentation. In addition, to cultivate the habit of applying sunscreen for 365 days, the use of long wave ultraviolet light (UVA) is still of high quality even in winter. If the girls stay in the room all day, they also need to wear sunscreen (because the fluorescent tubes in the room will also send ultraviolet light).

Salicylic acid skin care products

The operation process of laser lip hair removal is half a month. Girls had better just start using salicylic acid skin care products. Because salicylic acid skin care products are conducive to whitening the skin color, improving the skin’s own upgrading ability and preventing the blackening around the mouth after lip hair removal. In addition, salicylic acid skin care products can also have the effect of moisturizing and hydrating, adjust the dry skin with less water, and make the actual effect of laser lip hair removal stronger.

Pay attention to removing makeup and cleaning

Before doing laser lip hair removal, you need to pay attention to the makeup removal and cleaning of the face, which can basically ensure the environmental sanitation of the skin where the laser resin adsorbs the hair and prevent infection.

Prevent the application of depilation products

In the process of laser hair removal, hair removal cream, hair removal cream and other hair removal commodities should be stopped. This is because a variety of hair removal procedures will reduce the working capacity of the skin barrier and become more and more sensitive, resulting in rough skin affected by melanin. In addition, capillary and pore nerves are concentrated at the root of lip hair, and pulling hair is most likely to cause pain. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent the application of other hair removal products before laser hair removal.

Prepare for several times of lip hair removal in advance

In the case of laser lip hair removal at the beginning, we should make preparations for lip hair removal several times in advance. This is because the hair has to go through three links: growth period, retirement period and rest period. There is pigment in the hair follicle in the growth period. Therefore, the laser key has the effect of damaging the hair follicle in the growth period. There is little pigment in the hair follicle in the retirement period and no pigment in the hair follicle in the rest period. It is reasonable to depilate the hair in the growth stage by 75%, and the long-term depilation is 25%. The rest period is basically invalid. Therefore, laser depilation needs to be done several times.

Many people think that removing lip hair is a very simple thing. The lips are in the triangular area. Before and after removing lip hair, we must pay attention to the medical care of the lips. In addition, in the case of removing lip hair, it is not possible to receive a more ideal practical effect at one time, which generally needs to be done several times.