20 minutes =2 hours of fitness. Are stimulator machines new opportunities?

  At an electrical muscle stimulation(EMS)stimulator Machine gym, fitness enthusiasts were working out recently. Photos provided by respondents.

  We helped “lazy people” lick meat easily. Many stimulator machine fitness projects received 10 million yuan financing. The applicable population is limited, and the quality of equipment may become a potential development risk.

  Gyms of less than 100 square meters have no equipment. Students only need to put on the special fitness clothes connected with dozens of wires, open the equipment, under the guidance of the coach to stand in place to do some simple movements, can achieve the fitness effect.

  This emerging electrical muscle stimulation(EMS)stimulator machine fitness hack is taking off in fitness circles, claiming that 20 minutes of exercise is the equivalent of 2 hours in a traditional gym. Recently, many stimulator Machine fitness entrepreneurial projects have obtained tens of millions of yuan of financing and capital recognition.

  At present, traditional gyms represented by Wales, emerging gyms such as Rocker and Keep, and intelligent gyms such as Light Pigpen and Link make the market relatively saturated. Is this time-saving and efficient electrical muscle stimulation(EMS)stimulator machine exercise based on science or just a gimmick? Can you quickly copy and promote good business?

  Experts say the technology can achieve fitness functions in principle, but in the long run it needs to be combined with exercise for best results. In addition, the applicable population and equipment quality is still a concern.

  The principle of

  Passive muscle contraction is stimulated with a small electric current.

  ”Squat, don’t hold your breath, breathe through your nose, hold for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds… Lift your leg in position for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds…” Recently, we came to an electrical muscle stimulation(EMS) gym to experience stimulator machine.

  After the first physical examination and medical history, the reporter completed the 20-minute experience, alternating between 20 seconds of exercise and 10 seconds of rest. During this process, the reporter felt a slight electric current running through his body, and his whole body trembled slightly. Still resistant to simple movements, he was sweating after a few minutes. Two days later, I walked up the stairs and my legs were still sore, similar to a daily run or class at the gym.

  electrical muscle stimulation(EMS) Is for muscle stimulation training. Stimulator machine. Its principle is through the device output micro current, simulate brain wave signal to stimulate the muscle “passive contraction”, at the same time do simple training action, so that the passive contraction and active movement of the muscle form “confrontation”, so as to achieve the effect of increasing muscle.

  This method was first used in sports rehabilitation and aerospace. In the 1950s and 1960s, American and Soviet space technicians applied this principle to help combat the “muscle atrophy” caused by astronauts in the weightlessness of space.

  Wei Jiao, a professor of sports rehabilitation at Beijing Sport University, said: “The origin of electrical muscle stimulation(EMS) is to prevent muscle atrophy. It has been used in exercise rehabilitation for decades and has been shown to increase muscle mass significantly.”

  Still, using electrical muscle stimulation(EMS) for fitness is something new. Salsa(pseudonym), a white-collar worker, is 170cm tall and weighs more than 140 kg. She was introduced to electrical muscle stimulation(EMS) by her friend last year. The first time she tried it, she lasted 20 minutes and was “chipper” even though her whole body ached.

  Twice a week, Sasha exercise after more than a month lost nearly 10 catties, then into the bottleneck period. “No matter how much you work on your weight, you’re not going to lose fat.” . But despite the interruption of business trips, Sasa still keeps exercising. In the fifth month, she started losing weight again, finally losing more than 20 kilograms in five months.

  She thinks electrical muscle stimulation(EMS) is a good way for people who have no time and are lazy.

  Fitness enthusiast Zhang Xuesong thinks, this kind of method has certain effect to increase muscle to reduce fat, but to exercise cardiopulmonary effect is limited. Another fitness user, Miss Xiao, who is actively trying to lose weight, is sceptical about this approach but willing to give it a try. “For a person who really wants to lose weight, anything can be tried.”

  Huang Minghui, director of Hongdao Sports Rehabilitation Clinic, said: “The technology itself is safe, and with some active exercise, fitness effects can be achieved. Benefits can be seen in the short term but may not be evident in the long term. It’s an auxiliary device that needs to work with the movement for subsequent maintenance.”


  600 thousand for a single store, it can be repaid in about 6 months.

  Dozens of startups have entered the field of stimulator Machine fitness, many of which have received funding.

  In January 2018, Antibili received 10 million yuan angel round financing. In July, K-electrical muscle stimulation(EMS) completed tens of millions of yuan pre-A round of financing from Fashion Capital, lithography Capital and Silicon Valley investor Guo Wei, and ZESPEED also obtained pre-A round of financing. In addition, electrical muscle stimulation(EMS) as the core training of fitness brands VISBODY, energy injection, lazy fitness and so on.

  As of September 2018, K-electrical muscle stimulation(EMS) has more than 20 directly operated stores and nearly 200 franchised stores, mostly located in high-end neighborhoods and business centers with a concentration of young people. As for the profit model, jin Longquan, co-founder and chief operating officer, said a gym shop covers an area of 50-100 square meters, with an investment of about 600,000 yuan and one or two coaches. The price of a class is around 400 yuan, with 10-20 customers a day, and it can be refunded in about six months.

  At present, ZESPEED has opened 10 direct-sale stores with about 1,000 members. According to Zou Xin, its founder and CEO, its single-store model also invested 600,000 yuan, which will be paid back in about six months. As for the training effect, Zou says that if you eat normally once a week for three months, your average body fat will decrease by 2-4% and your weight will drop by 5-10 kg.

  Fashionable city chairman Lin Weidong thinks, fitness has become the urgent demand of modern, the form of fitness and concept produced earthshaking change. Users prefer large, well-equipped comprehensive gyms in the past, and more and more like fresh forms, interesting scenes, and remarkable fitness methods. More subdivided fitness themes are gradually active, among which electrical muscle stimulation(EMS) technology fitness is one of them. Of course, he admits that as the fitness industry becomes increasingly competitive and new models and technologies emerge, maintaining an edge is always a challenge.


  Buy equipment and you can set up shop. It’s easy to copy.

  In addition to these emerging electrical muscle stimulation(EMS) gyms, some traditional gyms are also starting to introduce electrical muscle stimulation(EMS) equipment. Jade Bird Fitness started using XBODY last year. Kingfisher Fitness also launched the FBODYstimulator Machine in May this year. Smart gyms such as Light Pigsty Fitness have also introduced this approach.

  Some people think the business model barriers for one device are not high enough.

  But according to Jin, the core of electrical muscle stimulation(EMS) lies in the curriculum, not the equipment, and instructors customize the curriculum according to individual circumstances. electrical muscle stimulation(EMS) is still a new category in China, which needs market education. He’s not worried about the competition, but wants everyone to do the business together.

  Zou added: “There are people in the market who are not afraid to copy us. Using stimulator machine is about teaching, not selling products. Operations, services and products must follow. Users are smart, and results and service matter.”

  She says the biggest difference between electrical muscle stimulation(EMS)’s business model and traditional gyms is that it minimizes the element of coaching. Science and technology fitness mainly depends on the effectiveness of equipment technology and course system, which coach teaches little difference. Their business philosophy and methods are different. Small and light mode is more suitable for the development of science and technology fitness such as electrical muscle stimulation(EMS).

  According to Yang Xu, general manager of China area of electrical muscle stimulation(EMS) equipment brand XBODY, the advantage of electrical muscle stimulation(EMS) is that it can be used as an independent way of fitness training, and the biggest factor that brings a sense of accomplishment lies in its high efficiency.

  He doesn’t deny that electrical muscle stimulation(EMS) will never replace traditional fitness, but the two should work together. Equipment, private education, group class have their own advantages. Some traditional gyms began to introduce electrical muscle stimulation(EMS) equipment, adding new services for gyms, but also brought new performance growth.

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