Micro needle plastic to create perfect baby skin

Microneedle is a popular cosmetic method. The focus is to help beauty loving women create perfect baby muscles. Let’s learn more about it.

What is micro needle plastic?

Using the ultra-fine needle on the micro needle roller to stimulate the skin, using the “point-to-point” ultra-fine penetration technology, the micro needle can make more than millions of micro pipes in a very short time to locate, layer and quantitatively introduce the “skin nutrient” containing cell growth factor, detoxification factor and ultra concentrated nutrients directly into the deep skin cells.

According to the different instruments and tools used, the industry divides the plastic therapy into micro needle plastic (the auxiliary instrument is plastic gun or micro needle roller) and needle free plastic (the auxiliary instrument is needle free plastic instrument, also known as electrophoretic energy instrument and needle free permeability aid instrument). A complete plastic therapy course requires about 2-4 times of treatment and 2-3 days of rest after operation.

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