Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine

Laser tattoo removal?

Tattoos are not unfamiliar to many people, but the actual effect of tattoos is not very good. Tattoos can also be washed away. There are still many ways to clean tattoos in clinical medicine. According to the total area of tattoos and the degree of dye, the methods of cleaning tattoos are also different. At this stage, the actual effect of laser removal of tattoos is more ideal, And the audience rate is also relatively wide. Natural laser tattoo removal also needs attention. What about laser tattoo removal?

  1. The risk of removing tattoo by laser is relatively small, because the color of tattoo is deep, the kinetic energy of digestion and absorption laser is more, the color of all normal tissues is shallow, and the kinetic energy of digestion and absorption laser is less. Therefore, the laser will destroy the melanin particles of tattoo, which is generally not easy to damage all normal tissues. The pigment of the outer skin can digest and absorb the laser. The darker the skin color, the more likely the melanocytes in the outer skin will be destroyed, and the higher the risk factors of scar and melanin change; People with white skin have a lower risk. Laser to eliminate or remove tattoos generally requires 5-20 times of treatment. Dark blue and gray black tattoos have a better actual effect on laser surgery, while the actual effect of other colors is relatively poor. Some tattoos use mixed dyes of various colors. The dyes are very large in the deep area of the skin, and such tattoos usually cannot be removed. For tattoos with poor actual effect of laser surgery, the way of surgical plastic surgery can be selected.
  2. Laser tattoo washing using lasers with different light wavelengths can selectively carry out surgical treatment, so that the skin will not be damaged. In this kind of tattoo washing method, light is injected into the dermis to turn the color paste particles into powder, which increases their middle jump, and then is digested, absorbed and eliminated by macrophages. If the color tone of the tattoo pattern is deep, it can be repeated several times to continuously convert the wavelength of light.
  3. Since each tattoo is unique, the removal surgery must be consistent with everyone’s specific situation. In the past, there are many ways to remove tattoos, but in most cases, scars are more noticeable than tattoos themselves. Patients who have previously received tattoo removal are also suitable for laser treatment. Tattoos that cannot be reasonably removed according to other methods and small folk prescriptions may reflect excellent laser treatment, provided that the previous surgical treatment does not lead to too many scars. Nowadays, laser is often used for painless tattoo removal, which has achieved a very ideal practical effect. Generally, shallow tattoos can obtain significant practical effects and even be completely removed at one time. However, tattoos with darker colors and parts need to be treated several times. The therapeutic effect is also related to the type of melanin commonly used in Tattoo Tattoos.