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Laser removal of port wine stain?

For port wine stain, I firmly believe that many people are not unfamiliar. It is a human skin problem that will have a great impact on people’s image. If the nevus is located on the face and is not treated immediately, the difficulty coefficient of treatment will also increase. There are many treatment methods for port wine stain, and laser surgery is one of them. Next, let’s explain in detail the relevant professional knowledge of laser surgery photodynamic therapy!

1、 Basic principle of laser surgery for port wine stain

The treatment of laser is generally to select single pulse dye laser to carry out closed partially coiled capillary, so as to achieve the purpose of treatment. Such treatment generally requires several times of treatment. Due to the different thickness and depth of port wine stain, different treatment processes are selected according to the different conditions of beauty seekers. It takes about 3-6 times to completely recover, and it is not easy to recur under normal conditions.

2、 Common problems after laser nevus surgery

  1. The treatment position shall be kept clean to prevent infection and friction
  2. Those with infatuated skin in the treatment position need to fall down independently and do not have to peel it off, otherwise the pigmentation is more serious and easy to leave scars
  3. After the scab falls off, some parts can have transient pigmentation. In order to avoid or reduce this situation, sunscreen isolation and spot removal tools can be effectively used
  4. After treatment, there is also a slight burning sensation and slight redness of the skin at the treatment position, which is normal and needs to be reflected. If necessary, partial ice compress for 20-30 minutes can be done to reduce or remove the phenomenon of red heat
  5. The wound did not touch water 7 ~ 14 days after laser surgery

3、 Advantages of laser surgery for port wine stain

  1. Do not be hospitalized, go with the treatment, and do not affect work, learning and training.
  2. No pain, no scar, no attack, no rebound.
  3. The treatment effect is good, and the actual effect of complete root removal can be achieved.
  4. No damage to all normal skin and tissues, no pigmentation and lack of melanin.