Laser rejuvenation and speckle removal?

Laser rejuvenation can remove color spots very well. Because laser treatment can promote the dissolution of melanin in the skin and has no side effects, but the skin will become very sensitive after laser treatment. We should do a good job in postoperative medical care. Laser skin rejuvenation and freckle removal generally takes only 10 minutes up and down, and can recover in a week or two. At this time, you can’t tear off the scar.

Although the actual effect of laser speckle removal is immediate, and the safety has no side effects. However, there are more than ten days of surgical recovery, which is also the most painful situation for many people. During this period, all faces will be scarred, which can be said to be terrible. However, the scab can be removed automatically in 7-15 days and it will fall off clean. During this period, you can’t tear the scab hard, which will lead to skin infection. So what should we pay attention to after laser freckle removal?

Post operation care:

  1. After laser speckle removal treatment, the treatment position also has a burning feeling or a small amount of bleeding, so there is no need to worry too much. There will also be scabs in the future. There is no need to solve them uniquely. Scabs will generally fall down after 7-10 days. Note that there is no need to forcibly remove scabs.
  2. Soon after receiving laser surgery, the facial posture should be soft and there is no need to apply stimulating skin care products.
  3. Because my physical quality and skin condition are different, and the reaction after laser surgery is different, everyone may have some levels of swelling, which can be alleviated by cold compress.
  4. The position where freckle treatment has just been done will be very sensitive to the sun. From March to half a year after treatment, you need to pay attention to sunscreen isolation to prevent the accumulation of melanin.
  5. It is forbidden to drink on the face within a week. Only touch water with a cotton swab. Be careful to scrub the surrounding position of your eyes to prevent bacterial infection.
  6. The wound should be scrubbed daily with repair factor or erythromycin to accelerate skin repair.
  7. After laser freckle removal, take more ingredients with vitamin C. vitamin C can reasonably inhibit the accumulation of melanoblasts, reasonably prevent black spots and freckles, discharge unnecessary melanin out of the body, and completely improve the dull skin color.

How long can you make up: after laser freckle removal, don’t be unable to put on heavy makeup immediately. It is a skin care product with organic chemical peeling, which is very easy to cause skin allergy. Generally, it is recommended that you do not need to clean your face within 3 days after doing the laser, and you can carry out light makeup only after 6-10 days, but do not use irritating skin care products as far as possible to prevent unnecessary damage to the skin.