Laser hair removal face?

If too much hair on the face will make girls look masculine, it will also produce a lot of unnecessary inconvenience and confusion in daily life. Therefore, it is very necessary to carry out hair removal. The key of traditional hair removal methods is the application of scraper and hair removal cream, but they will encounter the problem of more abundant hair growth. Therefore, it is more recommended that everyone choose laser hair removal methods, After 3 ~ 4 times, we can see significant actual effect of hair removal.

The laser is preferred for facial hair removal. The facial hair follicle digests and absorbs the strong kinetic energy of the laser and converts it into calorific value, which makes the hair follicle necrosis and makes it difficult for the hair to grow again, so as to achieve the actual effect of permanent hair removal. Facial laser hair removal is not easy to damage the facial sebaceous gland and its human organs, so the safety factor is very high. Those seeking beauty only need to choose a regular hospital to carry out hair removal.

The actual effect of facial laser hair removal is related to various factors, such as the frequency of treatment, the time interval of treatment, the kinetic energy during treatment, the individual differences of the body, etc. Generally speaking, most of the 3-5 times can achieve the actual effect in the idealization. On the day after the operation, you can’t use cleanser as much as possible, just wash your face with water. When going out, we should also do a good job in sunscreen and isolation measures to prevent the direct sun from causing color sink.

Facial skin is very, very easy to cause everyone’s concern. If the facial body hair is dense, it will affect the smoothness of the skin and the beauty of the appearance. Photon beauty facial hair removal will smooth the skin. What problems should we pay attention to after facial hair removal? Let’s look at it quickly!

Common problems of facial laser hair removal

  1. After facial laser hair removal, we must pay attention to some skin care products that can not be used normally. There are also skin care products, which have an impact on treatment and may cause infection.
  2. People who have the habit of swimming don’t have to swim after surgery. On the one hand, the sea surface is dirty and will be infected. On the other hand, the sea surface contains a lot of salt, which is bad for the skin after laser hair removal, so we need to pay attention to it.
  3. Pay attention to the depilation position. There is no need to scrub with boiling water and wash hard.