Can surgical scars of more than ten years be removed with co2 fractional laser machine?

  For more than ten years of scars, they have been fixed for a long time, and there is no way or medicine to lighten the scars, only laser treatment. Because laser technology uses the high heat generated instantly by the laser to effectively remove the target within the scanning range, so as to achieve the effect of removing scars.

  Generally, after more than ten years, the old scar cannot be cured once and for all, and it takes about 2-3 treatments to see the effect. It takes about half a year to a year to recover.

  To get rid of old scars, you must first observe the current state of the scars. If it continues to bulge on the skin, with significant redness, it may be a keloid. If the scar has matured into a white or flaky superficial scar, it can be treated with a co2 fractional laser machine.

  The co2 fractional laser machine can remove the hyperpigmentation on the scar surface and improve the unevenness of the scar. This laser has a very good effect on improving scars. During the operation, the computer is used to precisely control the multi-level energy, the treatment is more accurate and safe, and the scan is balanced point by point, which can penetrate deep into the dermis without damaging the surrounding skin.

  However, the treatment of keloids is more complicated, and the skin has no obvious tendency to heal itself, and it may gradually increase, so it can only be improved by surgery combined with radiotherapy. Ultra-pulse pixel laser LED light can be used to stimulate the repair of damaged tissue, and have a more obvious and direct biological effect on the body surface and deep subcutaneous tissue to heal the skin.

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