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Is the effect of microneedle to stretch marks good?

Microneedle plastic is to use many tiny needles on the microneedle roller to stimulate the skin. In a very short time, the microneedle can make more than 200000 micro channels to make the active ingredients effectively penetrate into the skin, coupled with special products such as wrinkle removal, whitening, repair, stretch marks and scars, so as to reduce wrinkles, treat scars and stretch marks, whiten the skin and reduce color spots, Improve eye wrinkles, dark circles, tighten and enhance facial skin tissue.

Microneedle stretch marks removal can effectively improve the permeability of nutrients. Compared with traditional skin care products, microneedle stretch marks removal can increase the thickness of skin epidermis by about 8%, which is comparable to laser and filling plastic surgery. Microneedle technology has very low side effects and is safe and reliable. It is the best anti-aging nursing therapy. Microneedle products except stretch marks almost cover the whole body. And the whole treatment process of microneedle skin rejuvenation can be completed in about half an hour. Through the above introduction, I believe you should know that microneedles can be used to remove stretch marks, and the effect is very good.

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