Indications and advantages of dot matrix laser beauty

Maybe when I had acne in adolescence, I accidentally broke it by hand itching, and then left acne pits on my face; It may also be that when I was young, I didn’t like to wear sunscreen and left sunburn in the hot and ruthless sun; Or maybe the years passed quietly, and the smooth skin climbed up the wrinkles, which made our skin no longer beautiful. If you are very upset, and cosmetics can no longer cover up these defects for you, and want to try a way once and for all, let me introduce you to dot matrix laser surgery.

  1. Introduction to dot matrix laser technology:

Dot matrix laser technology is the latest and hottest skin beauty technology in the United States in the past two years, and it is also the latest skin beauty technology most concerned by the global skin industry. It is a minimally invasive treatment between invasive and non-invasive.

  1. Working principle of dot matrix laser technology:

Lattice is just a mode of laser emission. Dot matrix laser therapy is to evenly punch tiny holes on the skin with laser, and then cause a series of skin biochemical reactions, so as to achieve the effect of tightening, rejuvenating and removing color spots. Because the dot matrix laser treatment will only cover part of the skin tissue, and the newly punched holes will not overlap each other, part of the normal skin will be retained and the recovery will be accelerated.

  1. Dot matrix laser indications:

Treatment of acne and acne scars, scars, etc.

Removal of fine lines and dry lines around the eyes such as eyelids and crow’s feet.

Effectively improve facial and forehead wrinkles, joint wrinkles and stretch marks.

Treatment of pigmented lesions such as freckles and zygomatic mother spots.

Tighten and enhance the skin.

Stretch marks and other deep scars.

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