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How much is the micro needle to the black eye?

Dark circles are a problem that many young people have now. Now many young people stay up late, and the dark circles naturally come out. Then, how much is it generally to use a micro needle to remove the dark circles?

How much is micro needle to remove dark circles

The price of micro needle to remove dark circles needs 3000-6000 yuan, which is different. This has a certain relationship with the situation of dark circles. The more serious the situation of dark circles, the more difficult it is to treat and the higher the price; Moreover, the price of this operation in different hospitals is also different. The price of regular large-scale third-class hospitals is generally more reasonable.

How much is the micro needle to the black eye? Does it hurt

Does it hurt to remove dark circles with micro needle

Generally, it is not very painful to perform microneedle surgery to remove dark circles, because doctors usually give beauty lovers anesthesia before surgery. The surgery is performed under anesthesia, but there may be some pain in the process of postoperative recovery, but most people can bear the pain, and the pain does not last very long, It will disappear about 2-3 days after operation. However, the duration of pain is also related to the physical constitution of beauty lovers. If the physical constitution of beauty lovers is better and the metabolism speed of the body is faster, the time of postoperative pain disappearance will be relatively early. Secondly, the duration of pain will be affected by the nursing work of beauty lovers.

Microneedles can activate cells, promote eye blood circulation and skin microcirculation, enhance skin metabolism, decompose excess fat, and dilute the pigment and dark circles around the eyes.

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