Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine

Fat stria laser treatment?

Fat lines are a common wrinkle on the body of obese people. They are also a wrinkle with a certain degree of difficulty to remove. Laser surgery for obesity lines is a common way to treat obesity lines. According to laser wrinkle removal, it can achieve the goal of rapid, safe and reasonable treatment of obesity lines. Next, let’s explain in detail the function, characteristics and advantages of laser wrinkle removal!

1、 Laser wrinkle removal

Reasonably improve facial skin relaxation and remove deep wrinkles, so as to improve the overall quality of the face;

Remove forehead lines, brow lines, crow’s feet, nasolabial grooves, neck wrinkles, arm wrinkles and stretch marks. After a course of treatment, the average wrinkle can be reduced by 35%% ~ 55%%, and the effect will reach the best after 90 days;

Reasonably remove all kinds of spots and marks, red blood filaments and converge pores, so as to achieve the actual effect of whitening, rejuvenating and beautifying skin.

2、 Characteristics of laser wrinkle removal

  1. The treatment is soft and painless. No anesthesia, mild burning sensation; No medical treatment and post-mortem care; Make up immediately after surgery
  2. The treatment time is short, about 30 minutes at a time, no holiday, go with the treatment;
  3. Safety: the skin is not damaged during actual operation, which is not easy to cause all trauma to the tissue;
  4. The actual effect is stable: each treatment process is 5 times, and the interval between each time is 1 month. The actual effect can be maintained for 2 ~ 3 years for a long time;
  5. No side effects, no scars, no pigmentation, etc.

3、 Advantages of laser wrinkle removal

  1. Laser wrinkle removal can accurately control the scope and intensity of the skin grinding filter;
  2. The energy caused by the laser can close the blood vessel, make the wound comfortable, greatly reduce the opportunity of infection and accelerate the cure;
  3. The working ability of the laser through the skin is several times higher than that of salicylic acid, which will cause the collagen body to collapse, tighten the loose skin, and the skin rejuvenation working ability is stronger than that of salicylic acid.
  4. Reasonably prevent heat damage and other side effects. In addition, it can promote the whole process of skin healing, and those who pursue beauty can repair their usual activities in a shorter time;
  5. Quickly improve the skin, tighten the skin, improve the thick pores on the face, and make the skin as smooth and tender as water.