Does microneedle have a good effect on removing stretch marks and effectively repair damaged skin

Microneedle to stretch marks is a popular cosmetic technology, which is welcomed by many women who have just given birth. So is the effect of microneedle to stretch marks good?

What is microneedle to stretch marks?

Microneedle roller technology effectively solves the problem of insufficient drug absorption by the skin. At the same time, in the process of treating stretch marks, drugs that have been proved to be effective for scars through medical research are used instead of cosmetics, which has achieved very good results in the treatment of stretch marks.

The micro needle roller technology is to roll the micro needle on the abdominal skin to stimulate the skin, create a large number of micro delivery pipes between the skin layers, and directly deliver the active ingredients to repair stretch marks and nourish the skin to the deep layer of the skin, so as to achieve the perfect effect of removing stretch marks.

Because the microneedle roller can promote the absorption of drugs by the skin, the removal of stretch marks usually only needs to be treated 5 times, once a month. The process of microneedle roller treatment is also relatively simple, which only takes about an hour. The skin will flush within 24 hours after treatment and return to normal after 24 hours.

The effect of removing stretch marks with micro needle is very good, but experts remind you that although the micro needle plastic technology has been quite mature, it is a medical beauty behavior after all. Those seeking beauty must choose formal medical beauty institutions.

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