Do microneedles shrink pores harmful to people’s health

At present, there is great pressure on clothing, food, housing, transportation and work. It is very easy to see the panda eye after staying up late for a long time. It looks lifeless. In addition, it shows aging. We can use micro needle to remove panda eyes, so is it safe to remove dark circles with micro needle dot matrix laser?

Do microneedles shrink pores harmful to people’s health

The micro needle dot matrix laser is relatively safe to remove dark circles. The gold micro needle can remove melanin from the skin, stimulate the skin, and restore the elasticity and gloss of the skin. Then let’s learn about the risks of the gold micro needle and postoperative care.

1、 What is doing microneedles to shrink pores

Making micro needles to shrink pores is a beauty method that can make the skin delicate. There are many ultra-fine needles on this kind of machine, which can be used to stimulate the skin and achieve the effect of rejuvenation. Making micro needles to shrink pores can also remove acne and scars. It is a very comprehensive medical technology.

2、 Which skin symptoms can be solved by making micro needle to shrink pores

Because there are so many effects of micro needle shrinking pores, it is also widely applicable to people. It can treat loose and sagging skin, large pores, water shortage and dryness, yellowing skin, red blood, acne scars and marks. Maybe even chicken skin lines and pregnancy lines can be changed. The effect of micro needle shrinking pores on acne scars and marks is obvious. The main function of micro needle shrinking pores is to improve pores. Because micro needle shrinking pores can stimulate the regeneration of protein peptides, it can significantly shrink pores, reduce superficial wrinkles and a corresponding degree of whiteness. It can also change the swelling and blistering eyes caused by dragging classes, which is quite in line with the normal skin cleaning.

3、 It usually takes a long time for the pain to dissipate

It usually doesn’t hurt to do microneedle treatment to remove dark circles. Because doctors will give local anesthesia to consumers before surgery, minimally invasive surgery is carried out under local anesthesia, but there may be some painful experience in the recovery process after surgery. However, this painful experience is also tolerable by some beauty lovers. Secondly, the duration of pain is limited, It will dissipate about 48-72 hours after the operation.

But the time to maintain the ache is also related to the physical fitness of the consumers. If the consumers’ physique is very good, the human body’s ability to metabolize is relatively fast, and the time limit for the pain to dissipate after the operation will be earlier. In addition, the maintenance time of pain may also be disturbed by the maintenance work of consumers.

4、 Micro needle to remove dark circles for a long time

One to three treatment courses of micro needle removal of dark circles, with an interval of one month, are determined according to the physical rehabilitation status of consumers. Generally speaking, the interval between two times of micro needle technology is no more than one month. This is because after the treatment of micro needle technology, the later effect can not be seen until the skin is repaired. Because the transition period of skin repair is four weeks, it takes 30 days after the micro needle to see a better surgical effect. In a word, two times of microneedle treatment must not be less than 30 days.

5、 Is it safe to remove dark circles with micro needle

Microneedle removal of dark circles under the eyes is relatively risk-free.

Doing microneedles to shrink pores can stimulate cells, weaken melanin around the eyes, and then achieve the effect of eliminating bags under the eyes. The sudden situation of shrinking pores with microneedles is small, and the effect is also obvious. Swelling and blistering eyes can be solved in a short time, and the maintenance time is quite long. Remember to avoid food after getting the micro needle. You can’t eat spicy food. As an activity, panda eyes rarely affect the energy and spirit of the body. We can prevent staying up late to curb the first sight of panda eyes in our daily life.