Are you suitable for microneedle plastic surgery

It has always been a woman’s wish to have tender and young skin, but aging is an inevitable fact. With the continuous improvement of plastic surgery, some high-tech nano technology plastic techniques have appeared in the beauty industry. Microneedle plastic is one of them. So, what is the role of this plastic method?

Microneedle plastic (microneedle plastic) is also known as microneedle mesoderm beauty. Microneedle plastic originated in the United States and adopts the latest international microneedle plastic technology. The absorption effect of the product is more than 4000 times that of ordinary application. Using the positioning needle and the “point-to-point” ultra-fine penetration technology, the effective ingredients or liquid medicine are directly transported to the required skin tissue by positioning, layering and quantitative. A variety of nutrients and active ingredients are quickly absorbed by the skin tissue and play a role, so as to produce an effect.

Principle: use the micro needle roller to stimulate the skin, make a large number of micro pipes, and make the active ingredients effectively penetrate into the skin. At the same time, fine rolling acupuncture stimulates the proliferation of collagen and fibroblasts in the dermis.

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