A few days after microneedle skin beautification, you can touch water to wash your face

After finishing the micro needle skin beautifying project, you can’t touch water for 3 days. If the skin hasn’t fully recovered after 3 days, you need to wait longer to touch water and wash your face.

The reason why you can’t touch the water immediately after the micro needle is completed is that the facial skin has not recovered its normal barrier function and can’t resist the microorganisms from the domestic water. If you touch the water to clean your face within three days after the micro needle is completed, it is easy to cause microbial infection to the face, resulting in a series of problems such as facial redness, acne, pruritus and so on. Therefore, it is best to wait for 3 days (or longer) before touching the water to wash your face.

How long can I wash my face after microneedle? A few days after microneedle beauty, I can touch water to wash my face

How to wash your face after micro needle

1、 Clean with sterile normal saline for 4 ~ 15 days

4 ~ 15 days after the completion of the micro needle acne removal and micro needle stretch marks removal project, the cells in the skin are still slowly recovering. At this time, it is best to clean with sterile normal saline. Sterile normal saline is 0.9% sodium chloride solution. It has cleaning effect, can effectively clean the skin, has the effects of sterilization and oil control, and can promote the metabolism of the skin. If you are worried about not buying sterile normal saline, Aimei babies can buy it directly in the hospital for microneedles.

2、 Clean with warm water after 15 ~ 30 days of complete recovery

Although it is said that many people can touch the water three days after finishing the micro needle, this time is not absolute. Generally, it takes 15 days or more to fully recover. After 15 days, beauty loving babies can clean with ordinary cleaning water. It should be noted that the temperature of the cleaning water used at this time is moderate, that is, lukewarm water. Only this water has the least stimulation to the facial stratum corneum. The warm water is close to the body temperature. It is suitable for cleaning the face 15 days after the completion of the microneedle.

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